Nearly 40 years after Ridley Scott's science fiction epic Alien premiered in 1979, making a star—and feminist icon—of Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, the franchise is still going strong. The prequel Prometheus brought such stars as Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Noomi Rapace into its ranks, and this year, the next installment has arrived—Alien: Covenant, which chronologically follows Prometheus. It features Fassbender once again and adds actress Katherine Waterston, the English actress who also starred in Steve Jobs and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, to the cast. Waterston plays Daniels, one of the scientists aboard the Covenant and a kind of prequel analogue to Weaver's original character. Also, incidentally, she's married to the ship's captain, played by James Franco.

Waterston was joined in London by Fassbender and several other cast members for the premiere of Alien: Covenant, which will land in theaters later this month. And while it was just three years ago that the now-37-year-old actress gained exposure to wider audiences in Inherent Vice, she's made up for lost time on the red carpet. For her latest premiere, she selected an Ulyana Sergeenko couture look, a fantastical look that makes a perfect match for a science fiction premiere.

Katherine Waterston

Katherine Waterston in Ulyana Sergeenko at the premiere of Alien: Covenant in London, England, May 2017.

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Who: Katherine Waterston.

When: Thursday, May 4.

Where: The premiere of Alien: Covenant in London, England.

What: A sheer, corset-y Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2017 couture dress with tendrils of floral vines hanging from the bodice and skirt, paired with black sandals, the no-makeup makeup look, and minimal jewelry.

Why: In Alien: Covenant, Waterston plays a terraforming expert—that is, a scientist whose specialty is how to make foreign atmospheres more hospitable to earth biology. Sergeenko's Spring 2017 couture collection featured plenty of nature motifs—including, as seen here, little vines of flowers dangling from dresses—so it seems a subtle nod to the film. And with its flattering corset silhouette and feather-light textiles, the look happens to be supernaturally flattering.

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