If the idea of Katy Perry and John Mayer having a classic-rock croon session while soaping up in the shower doesn't seem fathomable to you, well, we're about to burst your closed-minded bubbles.

Perry, W's September cover star, has divulged lots of shower talk in her profile, starting with the fact that it often gives her some of her best songwriting ideas.

"I get them in three different ways. From Transcendental Meditation, where I rest and kind of restart my mind. Or during a massage. Or showering," she explained. "I always have my phone on standby when I hop out of the shower."

So does she sing her own songs in the shower, then? Not quite. "I make up songs," she continued. "Or I go, 'I like to move it, move it.' I’ve had several sing-offs with boyfriends. That’s very fun—singing in the shower and scrubbing!" A Tom Petty session with Russell Brand? Harmonizing to Enya with Orlando Bloom? Think creatively here, people.

Katy Perry Confesses to Crying to Some of Her Own Songs

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And while the shower may not be a natural setting for a tear-jerking musical moment, Perry did confess something on the emotional side of the spectrum for her: She sometimes cries during her own songs. "I have. My songs are so personal. Sometimes they are about people who are no longer in my life, or they’re about unrequited love," she said. "I started out on tour last time and I couldn’t perform a couple of the songs on the record because I was just too upset." But if there's a non–Katy Perry song that makes Perry cry, it would be the entire Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack, which made her a complete "mess" after seeing the show on Broadway. You and thousands of others, girl.

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