Kevin Amato

Photo courtesy of @Kevin_Amato.

Kevin Amato makes a living by surrounding himself with interesting-looking people. Whether he’s photographing them or casting them in campaigns for brands like Hood by Air and VFiles, he has an eye for those who stand out in a crowd. Although he’s discovered models like Luka Sabbat on the street, he also turns to Instagram for scouting. Here, the social media-savvy photographer and MOTHERMGMT scout and shares what he’s looking for and the secret to getting noticed.

Photographer and casting director.

What are three words that you would use to describe your Instagram style:
Vibes, moods, and inspiration.

Things you’re looking for in other peoples’ profiles:
I love to see people that are creative, expressive and informative—that show their uniqueness and individuality.

Favorite people/places and/or thing(s) to photograph:
Portraits and fashion work with the kids in my Bronx neighborhood.

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One thing you would never post:
Whatever's illegal, I guess…

Advice for models looking to get noticed on Instagram:
Show your creativity and personality. And it's not about how many followers you have!

Do you “slide into DMs” when casting?
I'm more of a public post kinda guy. My email is in my bio...

Weirdest/funniest photo you’ve been tagged in:
I get tagged in the most random photos, but the funniest are kids jumping on their beds with my pop-up shop bedding.

#Nofilter or filter?
Depends. Love a Lo-Fi, though.

Favorite editing app:
InstaSize straight to IG.

Greatest hits:
My girl, the amazingly talented CL, and smoke pics get a lot, too.

Your first Instagram:
Meat cut-outs of my initials.

5 favorite accounts to follow:
@AcademyNYC, @Zimbabwe700clubFoundation2019, @Another_man, @mothermgmt, and @NatGeo.

Social media pet peeve:
Follow and unfollow then re-follow...