Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce Rumors Split The Celeb Gossip Press

It depends on who you ask, but multiple outlets are reporting that Kimye have filed for separation and are currently undergoing counseling.

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The news of a possible divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may come as a surprise to many, but those who have been paying attention to the couple’s seemingly waning interest in their relationship may not be so caught off guard.

The question of whether or not the Wests are officially splitting up has yet to be confirmed by the Kardashians (or by the West camp, for that matter). Still, reports are swirling that the couple have been living separately for a while now (a claim that the rumor mill has been churning out for months, and that anyone who follows the likes of Hollywood gossip sites and blogs and Instagram accounts like @deuxmoi would already know). Kardashian has remained mostly in her traditional Calabasas stomping grounds, while West has been living and working at his Wyoming compound.

According to the Today show, “a source close to the family,” (which, in layman’s parlance, is often assumed though not confirmed to be family momager Kris Jenner) confirmed that the mother and father of four children (North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm) have been in counseling for months and no longer live together. TMZ carried a similar item stressing the “in counseling” angle. Page Six, on the other hand, went all out on Tuesday night, kicking off the discourse by making the official claim that the relationship is essentially over and legal proceedings leading to a divorce are imminent. Several other outlets ran with the alleged news, and revealed that Kardashian has possibly hired Laura Wasser, famed celebrity divorce lawyer, to make her case (Wasser represented Kardashian in her previous split from Kris Humpries, and is a friend of the family, so her alleged involvement is of little surprise). Even Kathy Griffin, another friend of the family, chimed in with her opinion on the matter. “I think she really tried. Truly loves him. I like her. He certainly isn’t the devil or anything, but I believe she tried everything to make it work. He made her laugh a lot and she embraced his eccentricities. She loves being a mom more than anything,” she tweeted.

In any case, many now-deleted tweets West posted last year were revealing in terms of how much his relationship with Jenner and his wife had been strained. (Kardashian later addressed these erratic tweets by kindly reminding everyone of West’s bi-polar disorder and asked for followers to refrain from being judgmental.)

As to why the news would break on the night of the Georgia Senate runoff election, who is to say what the plan was there. Perhaps the Kardashians (or the “source” close to them) knew that everyone would already be glued to their phones, refreshing for election updates. Or perhaps that same source just felt it was an optimal amount of time after West’s failed presidential bid (which was admittedly the source of a lot of frustration within the family), after the holidays (the annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas card was suspiciously a no-go in 2020), and after announcing that the Kardashians, despite canceling their E! show, would go on to strike a deal with Hulu to produce new content. Only time will tell—or at least, an official statement from the family—if the divorce is really about to go down.

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