Kim Kardashian’s Sinks Caused So Much Internet Confusion She Had to Explain Them

Every question you have, answered.

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When Kim Kardashian gave a tour of the hyper minimalist house she shares with Kanye West, and their three — soon to be four — kids, there was one thing that stood out most to the internet: the sinks. What is usually an overlooked finish in homes — if not completely ignored — became the focus of her and West’s $60 million Hidden Hills home, mostly because the internet collectively couldn’t seem to figure out just how her bathroom sinks work. Theories abounded as Twitter tried to make sense of how a concrete-looking slab with a faucet and a pinhead-sized drain in place of a sink bowl actually functioned. Did the water just drip onto the wood floors? Did it pool around the tiny drain and overflow? Did the surface of the vanity itself absorb the water? The fact that some assumed they were her kitchen sinks didn’t help.

After asking these important questions and more, Kardashian has finally explained just what is going on with her bathroom sinks. The reality TV star gave another tour of her bathroom on Instagram stories where she talked about how these unique sinks came to be — it took Kanye West and his aesthetic collaborators eight tries to get it right — and where the water actually goes.

“Okay, so since everyone is a little bit confused about our sinks I thought I would show you guys a little tour of our bathroom,” she says. “That’s our patio out there. Our whole ceiling is a light box. [There’s] the bathtub that fits all of our kids and our shower. So okay, the sinks. Kanye drew this. Kanye, Axel Vervoordt and [architect] Claudio Silvestrin all did this sink and Claudio was the one that it should be separated from the wall. It used to be up against the wall but we thought it would be cooler this way. Eight versions of this prototype sink were made and it does actually slope down, which you can see.”

Apparently, because the sink is sloped, all of the water does indeed go into the teeny drain, even at a higher flow as Kardashian demonstrated. “There’s a slit for the water and goes in,” she says. “You can put it on as high pressure as you want and no backsplash will come up.”

As wild as their sinks are, though, Kardashian prefers that you focus on another Kanye-approved aspect of their home: the light switches, which look like teeny buttons. “Something else I think is interesting is our light switches,” she says, before giving a demo. “They are just three buttons and they go on, dim and off. There’s no box around it, which I think is really cool and more visually appealing.” Hey, when you’re the reigning queen of the aesthetic manual also known as Instagram, you should only be surrounded by things worthy of your eye, apparently.