Kira Plastinina and some of her designs.

In recent years newly moneyed Russians have become major consumers of fashion, happily forking over hundreds of thousands of rubles for the latest Italian It bags and American designer frocks. But in terms of homegrown talent, the country has yet to produce an international star. Kira Plastinina, a Muscovite fashion designer, is hoping to change that. At just 15 years old, Plastinina, a daughter of wealthy entrepreneur Sergei Plastinin, has 40 stores in Russia and two in Ukraine. In February the brand announced plans for at least 50 shops in the States by 2010, with the first debuting in New York’s SoHo in May. The clothes are appropriately adolescent, with smatterings of glitter and sequins and lots of pink. Plastinina told WWD that her customers are “pretty much girls like me. They’re 14 to 25 years old. They’re active; they’re, I don’t know, cool. Like normal teenage girls, I guess.”