Kristen Stewart Has It All Together

A perfectly composed, totally unkempt look for the premiere of her new film, Equals.

Kristen Stewart in Jonathan Simkhai at the premiere of *Equals* in Hollywood, California, July 2016.

Getty Images

Who: Kristen Stewart.

When: Thursday, July 7.

Where: The premiere of Equals in Hollywood, California.

What: A Jonathan Simkhai Resort 2017 black lace dress with black heels.

Why: Black, lacy, grungy, pretty edgy — it’s a trademark Kristen Stewart look, even if it’s not Chanel. And for all that’s going on with the dress, its high neck really works to highlight her face; the dark eye, pale pink lip, and tumble of blonde, pinned sideways over her inch of dark roots are odd, almost haphazard in combination, but over a dramatic lace gown, it all comes together.

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