Campbell, Naomi
A supermodel so prolific that her retrospective could only be contained in two massive volumes; the original party girl celebrated in grand style with a disco-themed party co-hosted by Marc Jacobs surrounded by friends like Bella Hadid and Uma Thurman.

Coddington, Grace
Former creative director of Vogue and current creative director-at-large; teaming up with the perfume arm of Comme Des Garçons to make a cat-inspired perfume. Except, it smells like roses.

Culkin, Macaulay
Yesterday, fronting a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band; today, remaking Aladdin with cult filmmaker Adam Green.

Huntington-Whiteley, Rosie
The new face of Ugg. It's not quite Chanel, but at least it's something?

Picasso, Pablo
Godfather of cubism whose legacy includes a whole lot of questions about who inherits his art — he didn't leave a will, but he did leave a whole lot of heirs. And now they're duking it out, sometimes in very public ways.

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Stewart, Kristen
Longtime Lagerfeld muse who appeared in a short film directed by the Chanel creative director — as Coco Chanel. Now, she's back with yet another Chanel campaign and it's all old Hollywood glamour.

Weems, Carrie Mae
American artist who photographed herself at her kitchen table — her iconic "Kitchen Table Series" — every day between 1989 and 1990. The collection's standalone treatment is out later this month, and Weems says the images are more relevant now than ever.

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