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Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner remains as nonchalant and blasé about her body as she possibly can since giving birth to her baby daughter, Stormi Webster. She recently opened up about her post-pregnancy body to Glamour UK, saying, "Pregnancy completely changed my body at a super young age...but I really don't care."

This is not the first time Jenner has addressed changes to her body as experienced under the public eye. She has been candid about her decision to get lip fillers in the past, and discussed it again in her interview with Glamour UK. "I was super insecure about my lips," she admitted. "I really wanted the illusion of bigger lips, so I overlined mine like crazy, and then people started getting obsessed." This summer, she and her best friend Jordyn Woods also filmed a video for Jenner's YouTube page in which the beauty mogul explained that she is not a big fan of the stretch marks she's developed since giving birth, and admitted that she has decided to adjust her personal style to her post-baby body.

Still, Jenner told the magazine that she does her best to remain positive when the press and social media mention the changes to her body since her pregnancy "So many negative things come at me all the time," she said. "Of course, it does affect me, but you develop a thick skin. Nothing has lasted so long that I haven’t gotten through it, so whenever a new bad story or rumor emerges, I know it will pass, too. Everything in life is transient,” she went on, before explaining how her career as the founder of Kylie Cosmetics has given her control over some of the narratives about her perpetuated by the media.

"Most importantly, the business has given me a purpose," Jenner declared. "I work hard for Stormi, and being able to pass Kylie Cosmetics on to her—if she is interested—would be such a cool thing to do." Sounds like Jenner might have a new career as a momager on the horizon.

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