Lady Gaga’s Halloween Pumpkins Have Little Monsters Searching For Clues

The stans are looking for hidden meaning in Gaga’s jack-o-lanterns.

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Lady Gaga has been on quite the Twitter tear lately. Fans have been subject to a stream of her DRIL-lite philosophical musings, grappling with everything from body image (“I am so snatched right now I don’t know what to do”); to criminal justice reform (“Fame is a prison”); to the impending singularity (“What’s fortnight”). This is an excellent turn for Gaga, who we encourage to express herself in any she sees fit. Celebrities aren’t weird anymore! But Gaga’s tweets are weird. We’ll take any crumbs we can get–though the Lizzo-inspired missive provided little insight into the pop star’s character or genetics (“I just took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% ITALIAN;” Gaga, we know).

But Gaga is expanding her reach, incorporating weird Instagram into her overall weird social media practice. She took to both platforms to share a work of conceptual art: a Halloween pumpkin with a giant knife stuck through the top, on which she had scrawled the words “FUCK THIS.” We hope a wee young goth trick-or-treater gets to see it.

Gaga went on to share three more dark and impressively detailed jack-o-lanterns: one with a rather haunted-looking face, a mutilated pumpkin painted white with red, serial killer-like text reading “GHOSTED,” and a pumpkin with a jaggedy mouth with a smaller baby pumpkin placed inside, smoking a cigarette. Paging Jerry Saltz.

But because Lady Gaga stans are jonesing for a new album, the long-anticipated LG6, they’re reading messages into the jack-o-lanterns.The little monsters are hunting for secret, album-related clues in her images of pumpkins, poring over them like the Haus of Hercule Poirot. And they did find something! There is a smart phone next to the “FUCK THIS” pumpkin, on which fans claim to be able to make out the phrase “Stupid Love” on an mp3 file. And thus they have extrapolated that “Stupid Love” will be LG’s new single.

If the pumpkin detectives are right, Gaga better make them a pie, or at least throw a Jackson Maine collab on LG6.

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