Del Rey, Lana

Reveals the cover of her long-awaited album "Lust for Life," featuring more than a few flowers.

Gadot, Gal

Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman and W's May 2017 cover star, landed her superhero role with a little help from Beyoncé.

Lamar, Kendrick

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Changing things up on his new record, "Damn.": it stars none other than both U2 and Rihanna.

Lies, Big Little

Just might have a season two in the works after all.


Reveals more about her own long-awaited new album: it depicts the trajectory of a single house party.

Meeks, Jeremy

The hot felon Jeremy Meeks is officially a hot cover star, having landed his first-ever magazine cover.

"Wonder Woman" Star Gal Gadot Was a Very Reluctant Pageant Queen: