Is Lana Del Rey Dating This Hot Cop?

Meet Sean Larkin, “full time popo.”

Lana Del Rey In Concert - Wantagh, NY
Kevin Kane/Getty Images

Lana Del Rey was spotted over the weekend sharing iced coffees in Central Park with a 46-year-old hottie named Sean Larkin. Del Rey sported jean shorts (Brandy Melville?) and a wide headband, while Larkin went for high-top Vans and jeans. According to paparazzi photos, they seemed to be really enjoying themselves. But the denizens of Twitter have lost their minds over the possible relationship, because Larkin is a cop. Or, as he wrote in his Instagram bio, a “full time popo.” He also identifies as a “part-time crossfitter.”

Larkin isn’t just a cop. He’s a celebrity cop, who also appears on A&E shows LivePD and PD Cam; according to this Oklahoma Magazine profile, his role on the shows is to give “explanations on what officers are doing, why they are doing it, as well as policies and procedures and law.”

Larkin is something of an Instagram influencer–167k followers and counting–and he hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has pec tattoos, had a mullet in high school, and he likes whiskey, poker, and trucks. His nickname is “Sticks.” He’s very “Ride,” a nice compliment to Del Rey’s love of Americana aesthetics.

A number of left-leaning Del Rey fans took to the internet to express disappointment with the singer for dating a cop. But as she said in an August New York Times interview, “I’m grateful to be in a country where everyone can have their own political views. I’m really not more of a liberal than I am a Republican — I’m in the middle.”

Entertainment Tonight claims to have confirmation that the two are dating, but neither Del Rey nor Larkin have confirmed anything. They do follow each other on Instagram though, and an older cop boyfriend makes a lot of sense when you consider Del Rey’s lyrical themes and inferred proclivities. Fans in Lana Del Rey forums are even claiming that her next album, White Hot Forever, is named after Larkin’s white hair. Perhaps she’s moved on from the goddamn manchild.