Last Christmas Trailer: See Emilia Clarke as a Charming Drunk Elf

Emilia Clarke gets up to some rom-com hijinks with Henry Golding in the first official trailer for Last Christmas.

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Last Christmas/YouTube/Universal Pictures

Those waiting with bated breath for more information on Emilia Clarke‘s first big post-Game of Thrones project can breathe a little easier now that the trailer for Last Christmas has finally arrived.

In the film, Clarke plays an aspiring singer working a day job as a Christmas elf in a holiday shoppe in London, who runs into an impossibly saint-like man played by Crazy Rich Asians heartthrob Henry Golding. Naturally, a romance and some rom-com hijinks ensue.

Last Christmas was directed by Paul Feig (director of Bridesmaids, Spy, A Simple Favor and the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot), and written by Emma Thompson and Bryony Kimmings. And since this is a British Christmas movie, we can’t leave Thompson, tragic heroine of British Christmas classic Love, Actually out of it, so she also co-stars alongside Clarke as her mother. The film also doubles as a bit of an on-screen reunion for Golding and Michelle Yeoh, who played his mother in Crazy Rich Asians and plays Clarke’s boss at the holiday shop in Last Christmas.

A previously unreleased track from George Michael will also be featured in the movie, which is also based on the title of one of the singer’s most popular songs and includes plenty of tracks by Michael as Clarke’s character is inspired by the late pop star. According to Feig, who spoke with BBC News, Michael’s music “sort of travels with her as she goes through her life,” but the film is not a musical. “There are a couple of sections where the actors are actually interacting with the music and other sections where George’s music is driving, or underscoring the story. So it’s a nice mix of being neither a jukebox movie nor straight up musical.”

Aside from “Christmas Shoes,” the Wham! track is possibly one of the saddest Christmas songs to have gone mainstream, and if Michael’s music follows Clarke’s character throughout the film, one can only assume that this romantic comedy ends in tragedy. In any case, all will be revealed when the movie is released in theaters on November 8.

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