Emilia Clarke Is Done Talking About Her Game of Thrones Nude Scenes

‘I didn’t do it so some guy could check out my tits, for God’s sake.’

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Matt Winkelmeyer

Game of Thrones might be over, but Emilia Clarke will likely be asked about the show for the rest of her life. One thing she’s done talking about, however, are the nude scenes she did in the show’s early years. In a new roundtable interview for The Hollywood Reporter, the actress revealed that questions about the scenes have followed her throughout her career.

The topic arose when she was asked about potentially being cast as the lead in Fifty Shades of Grey. “Well, Sam is a magician. I love her, and I thought her vision was beautiful,” she said of the film’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson. “But the last time that I was naked on camera on [Game of Thrones] was a long time ago, and yet it is the only question that I ever get asked because I am a woman. And it’s annoying as hell, and I’m sick and tired of it because I did it for the character—I didn’t do it so some guy could check out my tits, for God’s sake.”

This wasn’t the first time that Clarke opened up about passing on Fifty Shades of Grey because of the nudity that was required. “I really wanted to work with Sam Taylor-Johnson because she’s fucking amazing. But there is a huge amount of nudity in the film,” she told Marie Claire in 2015. “I’ll never say, ‘I’m never doing nudity,’ because I’ve already done it, but I thought I might get stuck in a pigeonhole that I would have struggled to get out of.”

In the roundtable, Clarke also talked about the idea of being pigeonholed for doing nudity on camera. “So, that coming up, I was like, ‘I can’t,'” she said. “I did a minimal amount and I’m pigeonholed for life, so me saying yes to that, where the entire thing is about sensuality and sex and being naked and all of that stuff, I was just like, no way am I going to voluntarily walk into that situation and then never be able to look someone in the eye and be like, ‘No, you can’t keep asking me this question.’”

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