Leighton Meester and Michelle Trachtenberg Staged a Gossip Girl Reunion

Ms. Waldorf and Ms. Sparks, in the ballroom, with secrets.

Leighton Meester and Michelle Trachtenberg
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Think about it: If you were to take Gossip Girl and mix it with a healthy dose of a more recent teen drama—Riverdale, say, or Pretty Little Liars—you’d sort of get a murder mystery party à la Clue. (A murder mystery party à la Clue also seems like a suitable Gossip Girl plot line. Time to start discussing that rumored sequel.) At least, that was the first thing that came to mind upon seeing Michelle Trachtenberg’s latest Instagram post alongside her former Gossip Girl costar Leighton Meester, in which both are dressed in period garb for what, judging by additional posts to Trachtenberg’s Instagram stories, is one of those Clue parties where you have to figure out the crime, the criminal, and the weapon.

“Spotted. Ms. Waldorf and Ms. Sparks. In the ballroom. With secrets. I’ll never tell. Xoxo,” Trachtenberg wrote, referencing the duo’s Gossip Girl characters and the show’s gossipy voice-over.

On her Instagram stories, though, Trachtenberg reveals the true culprit: “Ms. Peacock in the dining room with the knife,” she wrote over an image of three gloved hands. (Trachtenberg is Ms. Peacock, for what it’s worth.) “The bachelorette in the dining room with the hammer,” she captioned the next slide. (The occasion, it seems, is perhaps a bachelorette party for their friend Sara Flores.)

Meester and Trachtenberg aren’t the only Gossip Girl castmates to reunite recently; Trachtenberg also posted a photo of herself with Chace Crawford late last month. And though she’s perhaps still most indelibly associated with her Gossip Girl role, Leighton Meester has forged a career beyond the CW drama; she’s currently starring in the ABC sitcom Single Parents, and, according to a new interview with Shape, she’s also taken up a new hobby, with the encouragement of her husband, fellow teen drama alum Adam Brody—surfing.

“In the last year, I got really into it,” she told Shape, according to People. “For the last six months, surfing has been pretty much my main form of exercise.” Ms. Meester, in the ocean, with a surfboard.