Kelly Rohrbach and Kate Hudson

Kelly Rohrbach and Kate Hudson. Photo by Getty Images.

What: The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF, if you’re in the know) annual fundraising gala, hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio and the organization’s global fundraising chairman Milutin Gatsby. We’re assuming the latter’s last name is pure coincidence. The night was sponsored by Julius Baer, Chopard and Giorgio Armani.

Where: St. Tropez

When: Wednesday, July 22nd

Who: DiCaprio’s nearest and dearest including HRH Albert II Prince of Monaco, Marion Cotillard, Kate Hudson, Orlando Bloom and Naomi Campbell. Elton John and John Legend both performed.

Why: St. Tropez is not generally a place one associates with charity galas. But considering this organization’s founder, it makes sense. And there is no doubt the formula works: the evening raised more than $40 million for LDF, which supports environmental protections and preservation across the globe, or as DiCaprio put it in his opening remarks “setting up a worldwide network of Noahs arks.”