Let Model Hanne Gaby Odiele Be Your Party Style Spirit Guide This Weekend

More is definitely more.

If you went to Marc Jacobs’s Brooklyn party celebrating his Resort 2017 collection, you knew what you were signing up for. The invites indicated a dress code of “a decorative frenzy in electric paradise,” for starters. Then, there was his most recent collection, which undoubtedly served as some inspiration with its Lena Wachowski-inspired candy-colored raver dreads, colorful babydoll dresses, and rain-slicked runway. And, back to the invitation, there was our favorite mantra: “More is more.” So model Hanne Gaby Odiele brought her A-game when she showed up at the party Thursday night, wearing a vivid Marc Jacobs ensemble with an equally outrageous, colorful eye makeup situation to match. No one — least of all fellow model Sara Sampaio, in a comparatively tame-looking vinyl miniskirt and bright pink top — could keep up.

Hanne Gaby Odiele in Marc Jacobs at the Marc Jacobs #MarcTheNight party in New York, New York, November 2016.

Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

Who: Model Hanne Gaby Odiele.

When: Thursday, November 17.

Where: Marc Jacobs’s #MarcTheNight party celebrating the designer’s Resort 2017 collection in Brooklyn, New York.

What: A mauve silk slip dress by Marc Jacobs with a gold envelop clutch, sparkling lucite bangles and rings, and crimped hair and mauve-and-yellow swaths of eyeshadow ringing her eyes. And a lollypop, naturally.

Why: First lesson: Slip dresses can’t miss, even as temperatures start to drop. Second lesson: More is definitely more, especially when it comes to candy-colored lucite jewelry. We count no fewer than five bangles on one wrist alone. Coordinating your eye makeup to the rest of your loop is an expert move that comes with bonus points — even higher marks for incorporating a complementary color. Mauve and yellow it is. When in doubt, crimp your hair for added ’80s effect. Later in the night, Odiele was spotted with a plush yellow duck in hand — the buddy system is essential for a night on the town. And, lollypop in hand, Odiele also reminds us to never forget to bring a snack.