Lexi Jones, David Bowie and Iman's 17-Year-Old Daughter, Sure Knows How to Rock a Septum Piercing

Lexi Jones.

Courtesy of @lexlex.jonesy

As St. Vincent will tell you, the world still has just barely begun to recover from the unexpected death of David Bowie early last year. Somehow, though, the one who's seemed to be most supernaturally strong is the late singer's supermodel wife Iman, who for the last year has been leading the charge to get past the grief, whether through sentimental yet uplifting Valentine's Day tributes or really any other of the motivational posts she supplies a steady stream of on her Instagram.

One of her latest, though, definitely takes the cake for one of the most inspirational yet: In honor of her and Bowie's scarcely seen daughter's 17th birthday, she posted a rare photo of the teen—and it appears there's definitely more exciting things to look for from the family name. It turns out that Alexandria Zahra Jones is beautiful (duh), has an enviable septum piercing, and, like her father, prefers to go by a different name: Just call her Lexi or Lex, as according to her mom's post and Jones's own Instagram accounts.

Lexi's new account, which she started earlier this year because her old one was "kind of getting chaotic," is private except to those she knows personally, therefore offering only a teensy glimpse at her taste for chokers and giant hoop earrings. But her former one is still public—and full of a treasure trove of photos of the teen. (Neither accounts are verified, but then again neither is Iman's, strangely.) And according to @lexlex.jonesy, Lexi's not only a fan of piercings, but of Beyoncé's Ivy Park line, winged eyeliner, hanging out in Soho, wearing overalls, and, of course, taking mirror selfies:

Iman and Bowie married in 1992, though Lexi wasn't born until 2000, around at which point her father reportedly quit smoking and drinking, becoming a "clean machine" in an effort to lead a normal family life. Lexi's account features heartbreaking tributes to her father, who definitely seems to have embraced being a dad even before he began being spotted taking her to school, or along on his gallery-hopping:

Apparently, Bowie's still thinking about Lexi these days, too: His official Instagram account, which is somehow still active—though if anyone is posting from up above, it's the Starman himself—also posted a birthday tribute to Lexi.

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