Miley Cyrus Wished Liam Hemsworth a Happy Birthday a Day Early with Her Virtual Crafts

The actor turns 28 on Saturday.

Miley Cyrus Shares Sweet Photos of 'Very Special' Liam Hemsworth on His Birthday
Rich Polk/Getty Images

In November Liam Hemsworth celebrated fiancée Miley Cyrus’s 25th birthday by covering every inch of a room the day before in glittery silver decorations, the finishing touch being giant balloons spelling out “M-I-L-E-Y.” He also gave her a necklace that spelled out his nickname for her, “LiLi,” in rainbow rhinestones. Naturally, she was delighted. “My mannnnnn’s already winnin & it ain’t even my bday yet!” she wrote then. “Rainbow LiLi is soooo frigggggen cute!” On Saturday, Liam turns 28, and while we don’t know how Miley will return the favor, she already commemorated his upcoming day with an adorable story on her Instagram.

Showing off her knack for virtual arts and crafts, Miley uploaded a photobooth-esque series of cute pics showing the couple cuddling in various sunny locales. She also sprinkled the background with some birthday-themed stickers, and included a caption that might hint at something VERY spectacular for her fiancé’s birthday. “Today is VERY special because it’s someone VERY special’s birthday,” she wrote.


However, this isn’t the first birthday she’s celebrated on social media this January. On Sunday, her little sister and fellow singer Noah Cyrus turned 18, and Miley commemorated the huge occasion with a series of cute but cheeky tweets.

“Happy birthday to my not so baby sister but always the teeniest to tiniest to me, @noahcyrus ! I love you so so so much ! Can’t believe you’re 18 …. that means I’m ….. let’s not talk about that ….. ??❤️??” she tweeted, with a photo of her holding up a sign that says “I <3 Noah Cyrus” while wearing an “I <3 Noah” shirt.

She also tweeted a throwback pic of Noah with the caption “Ughhhh @noahcyrus ???? Happy birthday to the absolute CUTEST!” and uploaded two Halloween photos of Noah with the caption “NC-17 VS NC-18.”

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