[#image: /photos/58538da26666b2eb4762db98]|||||| There may have been a chill in the air, and an uncharacteristic rain shower or two, but the mood at the opening of hairstylist Andy Lecompte's West Hollywood salon last night was decidedly warm and drama free.

Breakup, what breakup? Lindsay Lohan continued her assault on any remaining rocky relationship rumors by sticking close to Samantha Ronson's side at the DJ booth most of the night. While Ronson kept most of her focus on the turntable, a very thin-looking Lohan occasionally left the DJ station to shimmy to the '80s beats with a few close friends.

Meanwhile, Amy Osbourne kept mum on sister Kelly's rehab stint, preferring to catch up with Lecompte and stylists Jessica Paster and Nicole Chavez, who took a break from the pre-Oscar crunch to stop by.

And if anyone was hoping to see signs of tension between Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe, alas, there was none. Dressed in a flowing print caftan and daffy gold headpiece, Richie was awfully chummy with her former foe as they posed for a few photos with L.A. hair guru Byron Williams.

Elsewhere, the night's host, designer Jenni Kayne, and fellow new mom Estee Stanley cooed over baby pix on Kayne's Blackberry and talked baby yoga. Kayne, who revealed she was working on a collection of lower-priced shoes, had recession fashion on the brain. "We're bringing it back to the basics this time around," she said of her latest designs.