Living on Organic Avenue

Most people would say they typically eat healthier during the summer than they do in the winter, but, for me, it is quite the opposite. On a recent trip to Italy, I ate on...


Back home, my yoga teacher (who maintains a strict vegan diet rich in grains and vegetables) encouraged me to try a juice cleanse. She does a short detox at the start of each week and promised me a similar fast would be the best way to kick start healthy eating after my no-calorie-limit travels.

My schedule is quite full, and, although I exercise almost daily, I definitely do not have time to make 7-8 freshly squeezed juices in the morning and still get to the office at a reasonable hour. While searching for prepared detox programs, a friend recommended I try Organic Avenue. I was happy to find the natural food store has a wonderful website which helped me find the perfect cleanse. This being my first time forgoing meals, I went with LOVE Easy before switching to the slightly tougher LOVE Fast — a combination of juices, smoothies and soup throughout the day with one small salad for dinner.

I really never thought I would last the whole 5 days. I followed the fast strictly and consumed absolutely no coffee (which I admit was harder than not eating). On Thursday I was exhausted by 9 pm, but the beginning of the week was relatively effortless. My favorite meals were the veggie soups and the delicious smoothies (especially the coco and the mint). Although it was hard to keep up my social life, I felt energized and quite a bit lighter than I had all summer. After completing the fast, I thought I would want to run to Sarabeth’s for my favorite breakfast scone. Instead I chose to have a spirulina smoothie from Organic Avenue and take an intense Vinyasa Yoga class at Pure with Scott Harig. I felt great and found I did not crave any of the unhealthy foods that had become my summer staples.