Logo a-go-go: Yes, times are tight this holiday season. But that's even more reason to treat your loved ones to a few good old-fashioned status symbols. While some of our picks are understated in an is-that-really-a-Burberry-plaid-necklace way, others are off-the-charts kitschy and adorable. The best part? Most of these goodies clock in at under $500, and some are even downright affordable.

[#image: /photos/58538ba4c7188f9b26c92d9f]||||||Go big or go home is the message behind the perky bugle-beaded ponies on these
Ralph Lauren
Blue Label stretch cotton, slim-fit polo shirts, $198 each, Right: What a doll!
Lanvin's porcelain charmer is the perfect dresser-top accoutrement. $438, at Susan of Burlingame, San Francisco, 415.922.3685.

[#image: /photos/58538ba557dfc3b0230f8142]||||||With these
Louis Vuitton lookers bundling up just got a lot more beautiful. Wool knit hat, $240, and wool knit scarf, $645, at Right: It's plaid tidings for the lucky recipient of
Burberry's nickel with gold overlay necklace, $395, at Burberry stores and

[#image: /photos/58538ba56666b2eb4762daf7]||||||Bow wow wow: It doesn't get any cuter than these
Gucci leather trim canvas keychains. From left, $190 and $150, at Right: Dangling from a strap, these cuddly
Prada bear and monkey keychains add a little punch to your favorite purse. $180 each, at select Prada boutiques, 888.977.1900.

[#image: /photos/58538ba6d3b7a5db18f3b7ab]||||||Texting is a snap with
Hermes's lambskin fingerless gloves, $330, at Right: Leave it to
Tom Ford to emblazon his name on, yes, soap on a rope. Scented with a lighter version of the patchouli-spiked Tom Ford for Men. $18,

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