Christopher Sykes on YouTube.

It seemed everyone was invited to the society decorator and gadabout Nicky Haslam’s self-proclaimed party of the century, held for 800 guests in London this past fall. But as aristocratic wag Christopher Simon Sykes sat home that night, he drafted a bit of playful revenge for not receiving a “stiffy.” Sitting at his piano, he warbled out “The Nicky Haslam Calypso,” which he promptly posted on YouTube. “Currently among the English nation, there’s only one topic of conversation,” Sykes chirps of the bash, which he sings has brought “great cheer to those who’ve been invited and misery to those who feel they’ve been slighted.” But being a “social pariah,” as Sykes proudly describes himself to W, isn’t all bad. His video is the talk of London’s old guard. “I ran into Nicky and I told him, ‘More people are talking about my posting than your party,’” he says. But no hard feelings: “Nicky said he loved it.”

Youtube video: Courtesy of Crank/Youtube