Looks like I may need to invest in a pair of spiked cleats, because I’m ready for some football. Come September, being a big college football fan is tough when there are shows all day on the Saturday of Fashion Week. So, just before the Alexander Wang game, I popped into a nearby sports bar to catch a little Michigan vs. Notre Dame to sate my appetite.

[#image: /photos/585395ecc7188f9b26c9311a]|||||| Buzzing with excitement from our Wolverine lead at half-time, I was more than pumped when Wang showed a roster of gridiron-worthy looks: shoulders were padded, and legs were (barely) covered with lace-up pants, shorts and shinguard-like socks. There was even a letter sweater in the mix.


Locker room rumors are buzzing that Alexandre Herchcovitch is also inspired by football for spring. If three separate sightings on the runway make a trend, I’m hoping that we’ll be seeing at least one helmet (Helmut?) and more Michigan victories!”

Photos: WWD staff.