Brushes with Greatness

MAC releases a new line of brushes for true makeup artists.

$25–$42, [maccosmetics.com](https://www.maccosmetics.com/whats_new/12004/New-Collections/MAC-Masterc...

The beauty world is kind of like the culinary world, in that there’s a certain cachet associated with wielding the same tools the pros use. But when it comes to makeup brushes, isn’t painting your own face, ergonomically speaking, a very different experience than prettifying someone else’s? That’s the idea behind the new MAC Masterclass brushes, which feature angled handles designed for DIY application. Yes, they do look like something out of the Georg Jensen orthodontics collection, but I’m really appreciating how the medium-size Oval 3 easily and evenly delivers shadow to my inner lids—no wrist contortions required.