Liquid Gold

Madeline Weinrib brings a new Moroccan oil stateside.

Madeline Weinrib Argan oi

Madeline Weinrib, the home furnishings maven known for her exuberant use of color and pattern, travels prodigiously, and picks up things from everywhere she goes. It was in Morocco in the 1990s, where she procured her first bottle of Argan oil, a gift from her carpet dealer’s wife, who had made it herself. “I fell in love with it immediately,” says Weinrib, who has been using the hydrating “liquid gold,” as it’s often referred to, on her hair and skin ever since. In fact, so enamored is she with the product, she has decided to sell it on her website. Launching today, the organic, cold-pressed oil, produced in Morocco, comes packaged in a box featuring drawings by Weinrib that will soon be developed into wallpaper.