One Woman, 100 Faces

Beyoncé’s makeup artist Francesca Tolot releases a new book.

One Woman 100 Faces

Over the past 20 years, makeup artist Francesca Tolot has created over 100 different beauty looks for model and actress Mitzi Martin, all of them documented by Tolot’s photographer husband, Albert. So when she decided to publish a book, she had a head start. “All we had to do was finish,” Tolot says. Beyoncé Knowles, Tolot’s makeup client of 12 years, wrote the forward to the tome, entitled One Woman 100 Faces, calling Tolot “the most extraordinary makeup artist of our time.” “It means the world!” Tolot says of the pop star’s contribution. “Every time I think about it or see it I still can’t believe she was that generous.” Tolot hopes to inspire other makeup artists and women. “The message is: you can experiment, have fun, be free to dream, and be—why not!—a different woman just for one day or night.”