The floor of Chipotle is pretty much one of the last places you'd ever expect a high-fashion designer to grace voluntarily. But that's exactly where Marc Jacobs knelt on one knee to propose to his longtime boyfriend, Char Defrancesco, which he revealed on Wednesday night in an Instagram video. Indeed, it begins with an outdoor shot of one of the New York outposts of the burrito-specializing chain restaurants.

Cut to inside, where there's a flash mob of about a dozen dancing to "Kiss" by Prince—and Defrancesco, of course, filming the scene on his phone as Jacobs stands (and dances) by his side. It's exactly the type of gag that the couple is known for pulling on each other: DeFrancesco's Christmas gift to Jacobs was, after all, a quite Instagram-friendly video of a gaggle of RuPaul's Drag Race queens decked out in Jacobs's '80s-themed resort collection and lip-synching to "Big Spender" from Sweet Charity. Defrancesco, then, is much less surprised than you'd expect, reacting by hugging one of the dancers and then heading back over to Jacobs, only to do a double take as the 54-year-old designer gets on one knee.

From there, the applause of course amps up, and after hugging and kissing Jacobs, Defrancesco is forced to take a seat to take it all in, while the rest look on until the scene wraps up with a voice saying, "Okay, okay, go get Chipotle." After recovering from the shock, Defrancesco (a self-proclaimed maker of "bougie candles" called Lit), who Jacobs now calls his "Ride or Die fiancé," also posted a video of his own, captioning it "GET READY FOR THE ALL TIME GAG!!!!!"

Marc Jacobs's First Kiss Was With a Girl, But It Was Just for Show:

There's no word on when the pair, who share a love of tattoos and vaping, is set to wed, but it seems guaranteed that the ceremony—and most definitely its dance floor—will follow Defrancesco's lead in being "Lit" with a capital L. Besides a set of A-list attendees, which seem likely to include Jacobs's beloved dogs, it also seems safe to assume the pair's wedding ensembles won't disappoint: They've been known to coordinate in everything from bodybuilder suits to sequined basketball shorts.

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