Beyoncé, Sofia Vergara, and Jessica Alba have all worn her lace dresses, but Martha Medeiros was fairly unknown in the United States until late last year, when she opened her first stateside store on Melrose Place in Los Angeles. Vergara, in fact, “was the one who encouraged me to open the shop in L.A.," the designer said.

What sets Medeiros apart is the handmade lace that she uses in her dresses and separates. “The lace we use in our work is all made from my native region of Sertão in Northeast Brazil—one of the poorest regions in the country” she said. All of the lace-makers her brand works with– there are nearly 500 of them–are also part of a namesake institute that provides these artisans with work, education, and access to medical care.

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Sofia Vergara wears a gown by Martha Medeiros. “She was the one who encouraged me to open the shop in L.A.” said Medeiros of the actress.


In addition to supporting and encouraging women artisans, the actual lace that Medeiro uses is rare. “The one that I use the most is called Renascença, which is one of the more sophisticated laces and the best for dresses, because of its fit and quality,” the designer said. The whole design process begins “with a drawing on tracing paper,” she continued. “Then we add this drawing to a continuous ribbon. To unify each of these ribbons – we work on thousands of different running stitches, which will then create the lace. This is the main reason why a lace is so precious. It’s not a pattern; it’s a story that we are telling through each.”

Walking into her new atelier on Melrose Place, one will notice the abundance of charming lace dresses in different silhouettes and colors, but each individual dress requires a closer look. “Since all the process is handmade, you will never find the same dress with the same lace,” Medeiros said.

The interior of the new Martha Medeiros store on Melrose Place in Los Angeles.


Passerby shopping on Melrose, as well as clients who seek out her new location as they’ve purchased her pieces previously through either Farfetch or   Fans of the Brand
 Sofia Vergara wore one of Medeiros’ dresses for her nuptial festivities; Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Camilla Belle have all worn the brand.   The Mix
Lace dresses, lace tops, lace skirts, lace shawls, and of course, lace gowns perfect for the wedding aisle.    Best-Sellers
The Lana Mixed dress, a favorite of Alba’s.   The Price Blouses start at $800 and gowns clock in at $5,000. Wedding dresses, often custom, are price upon request.   Pièce De Résistance “My absolutely favorite space in the store is the atelier, where my seamstress stays,” Medeiros said. “It is integrated to the store, meaning that we can do any alteration to our client’s piece whenever she wants right there.  For me, it is all about the service. If our clients see a dress without a sleeve, but she wants to add one, we will do it for her.”


For those who prefer to shop from home Matha Medeiros is available on

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