It may come as a surprise to some that London is a bit of a hotbed for designers working with faux fur. But when you consider how the city’s fashion week is filled with designers showing bold color and prints, it all makes sense.

“I will be bundled up in my Candy Pink Classic Fuzz,” declared Charlotte Beecham, the designer behind Charlotte Simone, a fun label of colorful fur and faux fur scarves when contemplating what she’d pack for the holiday break.

The New York-based designer, who counts Sienna Miller as a fan, is spending Christmas in London with family and, of course, that requires great outerwear, a subject Beecham knows a thing or two about. “Fluffy and furry fabrics are attention-grabbing and so snug,” she said. “That’s a key ingredient to the Charlotte Simone recipe.”


What made you decide to go into designing accessories?
I’ve always had a true love of accessories. I’m forever saving for one, special piece. In the world of accessories I did feel like there was a gap in the market for a ‘fashion scarf’. A scarf that could be a statement of style rather than a practical winter warmer. 

What was your particular interest in faux fur versus real fur?
The quality of faux fur has come along leaps and bounds. Faux fur is no longer taboo. It is soft and snug and luxe to touch. It allows a great entry point for my customers, as well.

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What was it like getting a business off the ground?
I was still a student in college when I started Charlotte Simone. I didn’t have a clue about what I was getting myself into. Hard work, dedication and an entrepreneurial spirit, instilled in me from my father, were all essential to where the business has grown to today.

mac daddy black grey flipped.jpg
Mac Daddy Black Grey Flipped

What were the main pieces you began with?
The Popsicle was and still remains my trademark style. It’s a fluffy stole with a fluorescent tail. Its designed to elevate any look and appeal to ladies of all ages. I think that’s key; no sizing and for any age range. It’s a fluffy and fun statement, and available in both real and faux furs.

What trends are you seeing among women right now that you’re excited about?
I love patent leather; it’s a huge trend this winter. My Mac-Daddy in my Winter range is a fluffy take on the classic Mac. I’ve been wearing it all winter long.

When did you feel the label was on the right track?
I felt the label was really moving in a strong direction when I secured my first major account, Harvey Nichols in London. Their support and guidance definitely helped me elevate the brand to where I wanted it to be.

What’s up next?
I have really exciting plans on the horizon but most importantly, expanding the accessory selection! I’m forever growing the scarf category but look out for some new accessories added into the new winter range!