Melina Gesto

Melina Gesto. Photo courtesy of @melugesto.

Model Melina Gesto has mastered effortless, rock-and-roll beauty—thanks to a septum piercing and her wild, wavy hair. Here, the runway expert shares her favorite fragrance, beauty advice, and more.

Your look:
Simple, comfortable, rocker.

Exercise regime:
Gym and Bikram yoga.

Skincare secret:
A lot of water and moisturizer.

Day-to-night look:
Cool t-shirt, jeans and a faux leather jacket.

Beauty from the inside out:
The most important thing for me is to eat healthy and do what you like. Happiness makes you beautiful.

Manicure or pedicure:

Best advice from mom:
Be yourself and follow your heart.

Best advice from the pros:
Be original and don’t panic!

Fragrance of choice:
Black XS by Paco Rabanne.

Beauty icon:
Kate Moss.