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At the 2017 Met Gala, adventurous hair and bold makeup was the obvious choice for many actresses, models and designers on the world's most daring red carpet. But Solange Knowles chose a more minimalist approach, with fresh, glowy skin and bold brows." that stayed true to the evening's theme of "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons." "The inspiration was taken from the Comme Des Garçons runway looks and the different looks over the years," explains the singer's makeup artist Lottie. "We pulled a little bit from here and there and combined and sort of striped down so that was it simplified. It was important to stay on theme and do something cool, but not put everything look on the face."

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While from afar, Solange's natural curls and luminous skin seemed like an effortless accent to her custom-made Thom Browne ensemble -- the look really started with a bold brow. "The key to the brow was using the NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer to block out the ends of her natural eye brow so that we can could get that straight pointy eyebrow without it competing with her natural shape."

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Although it looks simple, Solange's makeup was quite elaborate and detailed, as Lottie explains."The coolest part of her look was the white line on her jawline, we also did a white design on the very tip of her ear. It's so subtle that you might even miss it, it's kind of a trick of the eye and that was her idea and I thought it was super cool."

Surprisingly, Lottie suggests this an cool, easy look to try at home. "If you want to do something to interrupt this modern look in a wearable way, using that white eyeliner on the eye just doing a little bit of an accent on the outer corner of eye or the inner corner of the eye, gives that sort of unexpected look, but still a little bit cool and modern," she adds.

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