June/July: It Girl

Micol Sabbadini wears Diane von Furstenberg blouse and trousers; her own Sabbadini ring.

Photographer: Stefan Giftthaler
Stylist: Gianluca Longo
Stylist: Sam Milner

“I’m a big fan of road trips,” Micol Sabbadini declares. “It’s the idea of exploring a country without a plan and being open to taking a wrong turn. You end up somewhere incredible—or you end up lost.” Or, in the case of this 32-year-old Milan native, you end up with artwork. In her digital collages, disparate shots come together to form imaginary landscapes. Sabbadini has taken many an unplanned detour on her months-long solo trips to China, Cuba, Turkey, and Spain. She was originally set on becoming a photojournalist but switched gears at the behest of her father, Alberto, head of the iconic Italian jewelry house Sabbadini (“He told me, ‘I want to be able to sleep at night,’ ” she says). Most recently, she trekked across Australia—the work that came out of that adventure will be on view during Milan Fashion Week, both as prints and as printed scarves, the latter a collaboration with the brand Faliero Sarti. A show of Polaroid collages mounted in restored flea market frames will follow in November at Milan’s Galleria Antonio Battaglia. Sabbadini’s greatest challenge, it seems, is putting down her camera, even while on vacation with friends. “It’s almost torture. But at the same time, it’s nice to enjoy someone else’s company.”

Hair and makeup by Franco Chessa at WM-Management; Photography assistant: Ilaria Boncompagni; Fashion Assistant: Stefania Lorini.