Rachel Finninger

Rachel Finninger. Photo by Luca Khouri.

New to the fashion scene, Rachel Finninger walked in some major shows during the spring collections, from Valentino to Victoria Beckham. Here, the model shares how she prepares for photo shoots, her beauty icons, and more.

Your look in three words:
Simple. Edgy. Monochromatic.

Five-minute routine:
Moisturize, pencil and brush brows, spritz and go.

Never leave the house without:
Chapstick, iPhone charger, gum, and iPad to read.

Day to night look:
Mascara and lip gloss!

Beauty from the inside out:
Having a foundation that is stronger than your circumstances is vital. Being, peaceful, elegant, calm and composed in the midst of crisis comes from within.

Exercise regime:
I’m such a runner. I did it throughout high school and lost touch, but now I find that when I’m stressed or anxious I just go for a mile run. I also walk around New York City a lot — the subway is my Stairmaster!

Fashion week nutrition-prep:
You wear what you eat. If you’re eating junk food in private, you’re wearing it in public. When I prep for a shoot I have lots of green juice, onions are also great for your nails and skin to make them shiny. And avocado of course! I do scrambled eggs with caramelized onions and grilled avocados. It’s so good!

Rachel Finninger
Rachel Finninger. Photo by Luca Khouri.

Beauty essentials:
Non-acetone polish remover, cuticle cream from the drugstore, and coconut oil. Oh and the Topshop Brow Pencil!

Skincare secret:
Mineral water, and exfoliating gloves in the shower.

Hair remedy:
Coconut oil. I use it on my scalp and ends, and throw my hair into a shower cap and leave it for thirty minutes before showering. It leaves your hair so shiny and healthy.

In-tub must-read:
I just read the Harry Potter series for the first time! I’m also really interested in Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely — it’s about behavioral economics, it’s fascinating.

Fragrance of choice:
Tory Burch Absolu.

Best advice from mom:
Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every morning. It’s like a shot. Chase it with some orange juice.

Best advice from the pros:
Trim your hair even if you don’t want to.

Beauty icons:
Carmen Dell’Orefice – she’s like an aged wine, she gets better with time. And Cindy Crawford. I like her skincare too.

Less is more.