[#image: /photos/5853998a57dfc3b0230f85d4]||||||Posh hearts Blake. Rumor has it Victoria Beckham wants Blake Lively to be the face of her Spring 2010 collection. Lively's camp has yet to comment. Neither has Leighton's who already modeled one of Beckham's creations in a September episode. Fashionista

More ammo for Ungaro. Just a few days after Ungaro accused Lindsay Lohan of sucking the soul out of the fashion house he created, she told Access Hollywod she has a new fashion project with the mall giant Bebe. Perhaps this is a violation of her Ungaro contract and just another reason she has yet to be paid? Fashionista

Tim Gunn bloggers are begging you to just chose someone already. Jezebel

Breaking fashion news: Forget stylists. Celebrity dressing is actually linked to Sesame Street. A clever photo collage connects the dots. Case in point: Donatella as Janice. Tori Spelling as Miss Piggy. Gwyneth (also) as Janice. Childish? Indeed. Hilarious? Beyond!

Beltway buzz. The First Lady recycled and reused the yellow J.Crew ensemble she wore last year on Tonight Show with Jay Leno to an event for health care with one important update: she added a signature wide belt. We love Mrs. Obama's flair but wonder is she wearing the trend or is the trend waring on her fans. The Cut

Costco opened it's first Manhattan store 8am today. We doubt New Yorkers will be lining up for gallons of soy sauce (where would they store it?). The real lure: classic Chanel bags for $1,999, Ugg "Ultra" short boots for $125, Louis Vuitton "Speedy 30" mini-duffels for $590.00. Super size your style, just keep your source to yourself. NYPost