[#image: /photos/58539aede3d613c03e1ec2d2]||||||Miuccia Prada demands that the extras in the Met's production of Verdi's opera Attila be extra thin.Prada who is handling the costumes, took one glance at the women and groaned: 'I cannot clothe them! I need models!' according to an anonymous source on the set. Jezebel

Michelle Obama wore a pale-blue gown by Alaïa to the Nobel Banquet and the look is not for everyone. The Cut

Nice work if you can get it. Kim Kardashian confesses to earning $40,000 to "host" an evening at a nightclub. Eater

Jezebel calls for your worst fashion moments of 00s. Chances are some friend has already posted it on Facebook so you might as well own the moment and submit it. Jezebel

The Kills will be in town for New York Fashion Week the second week of February. Will Kate Moss be in tow? Fashionista