Reebok Classic Crib: Hosted by Monica Rose

Monica Rose

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Stylist Monica Rose has made a career out of helping celebrities like the Kardashians and Jenners, Crissy Teigen, and Gigi Hadid look and feel like themselves. So it's no surprise that she's a professional when it comes to Coachella, too. Her clients this year included Kaia Gerber and Chanel Iman, both of whom stole the show, but each in their own ways.

"When styling clients for Coachella, it’s about tapping into their personalities and what they’re into," said Rose on Friday morning at Reebok Classics' Coachella event. It’s not: You’re going to be boho, you’re going to wear fringe and a flower crown."

Rose's mantra is all about keeping it simple, which is not something you normally hear regarding the three-day festival in the desert.

"I always want to do the opposite of what people think Coachella is," she added. "People are so in their heads about what they’re going to wear, but just be true to yourself. What is it that you feel comfortable in? What do you like? It’s all about your individual style and what story you want to tell. Don’t think about it too much. Sometimes less is more. Coachella is only three days, guys!"

If you're going to Coachella this weekend or next year for Beyoncé, take notes.

For how many years have you been doing Coachella?

Maybe four or five?

How do you help your clients go from day to night? It goes from 100-degrees to pretty cold.

Definitely a jacket. Or a thick fabric. I send them with outfit change options.

What should you never wear to Coachella?

No heels.

At W we’re very conflicted about jorts. What are your opinions on them?

I’m all about denim shorts. They’re kind of a Coachella must.

Do you have go-to vintage stores in L.A. where you pull clothes for Coachella?

I love What Goes Around Comes Around; Recess on La Brea; Jet Rag has a really cool vintage section; and I love the swap meets like Rose Bowl and every Sunday at Fairfax.

Would you ever wear a fanny pack?

Yes! Of course! Fanny packs, backpacks, and cross body bags are all great for Coachella because you’re running around and dancing. You’re having fun and don’t want to worry about carrying a purse. Fanny packs are a must. The vintage Prada ones are coming back.

Preferred Coachella footwear?

Honestly, Reebok’s classic leathers are so comfortable. They’re Gigi’s favorite and I also love a good white sneaker. I don’t want to wear sandals because of the dirt, so I wear comfortable sneakers or combat boots. Beat-in some Doc Martens. Just don’t wear heels.

What about platforms?

You never want to wear anything high. You’re in the desert, so there’s rocks and grass; there’s no flat ground.

Can a crop top ever be too cropped at Coachella?

Absolutely not; the shorter the better. It depends if you want to show some under-boob or a cool bra underneath.

What are your favorite Coachella accessories?

Scarves, statement necklaces, hats, and belts.

Do you wear jewelry ever?

I wore bracelets one year and I lost them all. They were really cool vintage ones and I was really upset, so I just don’t do rings or bracelets because you’re on the go constantly and it doesn’t work.

Where do you get your hats?

I do a lot of vintage hat shopping, but Stetson and Brookstone have some really good ones.

Swimwear as clothing, yes or no?

Yes! Absolutely. It’s so okay.

What swimwear brands do you love right now?

Norma Kamali and Eres.

What are some outfit mistakes you’ve made in past years?

Maybe bootcut jeans or flare jeans that I would just never wear now. I’m also personally not into ruffles.

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