Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell holding her Taschen book.

Alaïa, Azzedine
The '90s master knows the best way to get the spotlight all to yourself is to do everything a month late.

Campbell, Naomi
Still parties harder than you. Also, still got it.

Cooper, Anderson
Still a mama's boy. So's Jacob Bernstein. David Holbrooke made a movie about his dad. Nina Simone's daughter was a driving force behind What Happened, Miss Simone? But with parents like those, how could they not?

Keough, Riley
Once a wife of Immortan Joe; now, very much not your girlfriend.

Movie Awards, MTV
Lesser, but better-dressed, cousin of the Video Music Awards. Also, oddly, broadcasting a day after it actually happens.

Papers, Panama
A set of leaked documents from a law firm that had purportedly been assisting the world's one percent in stashing away its wealth. The Guardian breaks down what it all means — and why it's already caused Iceland's prime minister to step down in a skyr-soaked scandal.

While everyone else is making big changes, Prada is still limping along — and its performance has suffered for it.

Rowland, Kelly
Doing great since she ditched the matching costumes.

Slimane, Hedi
Unraveling a peculiar mystery: Why did Saint Laurent wipe Hedi Slimane from its Instagram? And what does it have to do with Tom Ford?

Stewart, Kristen
Turned 26! Landed a new Chanel campaign! (Maybe) dating Soko! It's all happening for KStew.

Talese, Gay
For someone who doesn't have a Twitter account, he really plunged head first into the whole Internet outrage thing.

Vaccarello, Anthony
Quit a job and got a new one inside of a week.

Wu, Jason
The designer married his longtime boyfriend and brand CFO Gustavo Rangel. Apparently neither of them got the business-with-pleasure memo.

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