Catching Up On All the Parties Before the MTV Movie Awards

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell holding her Taschen book.

Alaïa, Azzedine
The '90s master knows the best way to get the spotlight all to yourself is to do everything a month late.

Campbell, Naomi
Still parties harder than you. Also, still got it.

Cooper, Anderson
Still a mama's boy. So's Jacob Bernstein. David Holbrooke made a movie about his dad. Nina Simone's daughter was a driving force behind What Happened, Miss Simone? But with parents like those, how could they not?

Keough, Riley
Once a wife of Immortan Joe; now, very much not your girlfriend.

Movie Awards, MTV
Lesser, but better-dressed, cousin of the Video Music Awards. Also, oddly, broadcasting a day after it actually happens.

Papers, Panama
A set of leaked documents from a law firm that had purportedly been assisting the world's one percent in stashing away its wealth. The Guardian breaks down what it all means — and why it's already caused Iceland's prime minister to step down in a skyr-soaked scandal.

While everyone else is making big changes, Prada is still limping along — and its performance has suffered for it.

Rowland, Kelly
Doing great since she ditched the matching costumes.

Slimane, Hedi
Unraveling a peculiar mystery: Why did Saint Laurent wipe Hedi Slimane from its Instagram? And what does it have to do with Tom Ford?

Stewart, Kristen
Turned 26! Landed a new Chanel campaign! (Maybe) dating Soko! It's all happening for KStew.

Talese, Gay
For someone who doesn't have a Twitter account, he really plunged head first into the whole Internet outrage thing.

Vaccarello, Anthony
Quit a job and got a new one inside of a week.

Wu, Jason
The designer married his longtime boyfriend and brand CFO Gustavo Rangel. Apparently neither of them got the business-with-pleasure memo.

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