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Everywhere Kim Kardashian goes, she gets attention. Last night at the 2016 MTV VMAs was no exception.

On the arm of her husband Kanye West, who spoke for four minutes during the ceremony about everything from Taylor Swift to the violence in Chicago before debuting his new music video, "Fade," Kardashian arrived at the award ceremony in New York wearing a sheer, vintage John Galliano dress with wet, wavy hair. The just-rolled-out-of-bed hair felt fresh and modern, especially in contrast to the voluminous, curly blowouts she, and her famous sisters, typically favor for red carpet events. As her hairstylist Michael Silva explains, "This is a nice departure." Here, he explains how to get the look at home.

How did you become a hairstylist?
I did a lot of theatre as a teenager, I was part of a theater company back in Providence, Rhode Island, and I started playing with wigs backstage for shows that I was in. We would try to create the look for the lead actress whether it was Cabaret or Diary of Anne Frank, from one extreme to the next. I was able to just see it and replicate it. I didn't even have any training, it just came naturally to me.

How would you describe your aesthetic?
I'm a big proponent of natural beauty with an edge. I just love really beautiful hair. I think if a girl is really beautiful... I kind of like working with what it does naturally for a day-to-day kind of thing. For editorial, it's obviously much more conceptual.

What are you sick of when it comes to hair on the red carpet?
I'm sick of crimping. I can't see crimping. You see it every once in awhile and someone wore it last night. Watch, just wait, tomorrow Kim [Kardashian] is going to say, "Can we crimp my hair?" No, she wouldn't. No crimping.

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How did you decide on the wet, sexy hairstyle for the VMAs?
We wanted to keep it fresh and sexy. When she came in she was just sort of not done and her hair was damp, and we said let's play up this texture. That endless summer vibe. Obviously, her hair was not wet, I just created that kind of effect.

And what did you do to create it?
For that kind of a look, it's a lot of serum. I put a ton of the Kenra Platinum Revive Oil in her hair [when it was] wet, and worked it in with my hands. No brushes, no combs, all finger styling. And then, I really dried it completely with the diffuser, and finish it off with some more oil. That hair was totally soft and touchable, it wasn't hard at all.

Do you think more women are embracing their hair's natural texture these days?
You're always going to have the girls with curly hair who want straight and vice versa. I think there's a way of achieving that, but to keep a little bit of that natural movement because it's more youthful. Just keep the texture that it is. Nourish it: make it shiny, make healthy, make it soft.

Does that mean you're you putting down your curling iron for now?
I hope so, because now that look with the waves has been going on for what, over a decade now? I was doing Kim's hair... those slick looks on her for so long that it became a signature for her, that center part and slick. So this is a nice departure.

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