Thankfully, along with the heat of summer we're also treated to its bounty—seasonal staples like fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. But while everyone's off to pick up fresh mozzarella or burrata, lets not forget that the cheese world is a gorgeous mosaic. We called the specialists at Manhattan's legendary Murray's cheese shop to tell us what's being unfairly overlooked. (Who says people at fashion magazine don't eat?) Here's what they told us: For a nice summer picnic along with some grapes, strawberries, and apple slices, the San Andreas—it's named after the fault—is a good snacking cheese from San Francisco. It's a semi-firm sheep's milk that's quite mild, with a sour finish in the style of Tuscan pecorino. If you feel like going a little off the beaten path, though, the Pata de Cabra—hands down the W staff favorite—is a stinky, super flavorful goat cheese that's great on a sunny afternoon with a glass of cold dry white.

Photo: Chelsea Mead Jackson