Nail Artist Madeline Poole’s Fashion Week Essential? A Head Lamp

“Manicurists have it hard backstage. You have to squeeze in wherever you can find a crevice of space.”

Photo by Getty.

For the 3.1 Phillip Lim show, manicurist and Sally Hansen ambassador Madeline Poole used a “white out-like” nail polish as the base, and layered a few strokes of shimmer on top. “When Sally Hansen first started partnering with 3.1 Phillip Lim I was really relieved to know how involved he was and experimental,” she said backstage at the designer’s show. “We do a lot of trial and error. By the end of the test, every finger is a different color and design until we’ve really nailed it.”

Her experimentations with color, texture and glitter are exactly why Poole is so in demand for Fashion Week. Here, the nail artist reveals her fashion week diet, backstage uniform and more:

What is your fashion week uniform? I would say I stick to pants and sneakers, but on Friday I wore a miniskirt and kitten heels to Monse. So I guess I don’t stick to a uniform, do I? One thing I do stick to, is I always wear color. I’m the Sally Hansen Global Color Ambassador after all! I need to be vibrant. And pockets, as many pockets as possible, so I can stick my nail accouterments in them.

What are the one or two products you always carry? Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat (always), and Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. Notice the word INSTANT in both of these product names? Speed is very important. My headlamp, too, does that count? I couldn’t work without it. There’s never enough light under a table.

Who is your favorite person to see backstage? Iris Apfel.

What is your backstage petpeeve? Getting stepped on by, literally, everyone. Manicurists have it hard backstage. You have to squeeze in wherever you can find a crevice of space. Often times that’s under a table (hence the head lamp).

Do you prefer music or no music? Oh, I like to get really pumped up before a show, but I mean on my walk in. I listen to music LOUD on my headphones. So I can tell myself I’m going to conquer this day! It’s my pep talk moment.

What is your go-to snack or drink? I’m so starved during fashion week. Yesterday, I ate my first meal at 10 p.m. and I ate TWO FULL-SIZED ENTREES. That is not how it’s supposed to be done. I use Uber Eats like a mad man, there’s no time to cook so I’m ordering food to my apartment and hoping it will arrive by the time I make it home.

How do you stay healthy during fashion week? I feel like I get a ton of exercise during this time. I ran, full sprinting, from 38th Street and 9th Avenue to 21st Street and 11th Avenue on Friday because I went to the wrong location. I was drenched in sweat when I got there. It wasn’t cute, BUT I was on time.

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