Naomi Campbell Joins Bella Hadid and Diplo in Calvin Klein’s Wild New Underwear Campaign

For the first time in her 33-year modeling career, Naomi Campbell stars in the iconic label’s underwear campaign.

Daniel Jackson for Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein‘s digital-first approach to selling underwear has caused the brand to be no stranger to controversy in 2019. There was that set of videos featuring Shawn Mendes (and Noah Centineo) that seemed to set the Internet ablaze. There was also that contentious campaign that had real-life model Bella Hadid making out with CGI model Lil Miquela (and caused the brand to issue an apology for creating an advertisement that was arguably queer baiting just in time for Pride Month).

Those iterations of the campaign were all about “speaking truth” in your Calvins, but how does a label top its own multiple Internet-breaking campaign installments for the upcoming fall season? Well, it appears as if the answer is to cast Naomi Campbell first, and the rest will follow.

For #MYCALVINS IRL, the Fall 2019 Calvin Klein Underwear campaign, the emphasis is on removing your filter. In her first-ever CK Underwear campaign, Campbell ostensibly skypes in her skivvies with quite a motley crew of models, micro-celebrities, athletes, and musicians, from Bella Hadid to Diplo to Odell Beckham Jr. Campbell also does her best impression of Sharon Stone‘s interrogation leg crossover move from Basic Instinct, sans nudity (this is an underwear ad, after all).

What else goes on behind those closed doors in the video? Euphoria‘s villain, Jacob Elordi, snaps some steam room selfies. Who he decides to send them to, however, remains to be seen. Beth Ditto, Lay Zhang, Jelly Lin, Hayley Foster, Abby Champion, sister of Baskin Champion (one of Justin Bieber’s model exes, if you remember her from early last year), Cara Taylor, and Matthew Noszka also join the campaign, and for some reason, it appears as if nearly everyone involved was also encouraged to snack on chips, popcorn, and donuts as part of the narrative for this particular #MYCALVINS IRL campaign.

So, the answer to the question, “Can Calvin Klein’s underwear ads possibly get any more bonkers?” after breaking the Internet at least twice already in a year is, resoundingly, yes.

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