Over the years, Naomi Campbell has played many roles in the pages of W Magazine: her first cover was in 1999, and since she's done community service, posed as the first lady in Ghana, and worn Balmain with Rihanna and Iman. In W’s October 2014 issue, Editor at Large Lynn Hirschberg declared Naomi Campbell the classic royal of the fashion world. Her most recent appearance, in W's December 2016 issue, celebrates Campbell's latest role as an actress. Following a role on Lee Daniels' Empire, Campbell is now set to star in his new TV series Star.

Here, Campbell shares her beauty secrets, including her favorite fragrances, workout routine, and advice from her mother.

Your look:
Not predictable. I wake up every day and dress according to how I feel, what city I’m in, the weather… I love mixing and matching and can go from vintage one day to current the next.

Beauty from the inside out:
I take care of myself, eat well, try to balance what I put in my body. I stay away from sugar and drink lots of water.

Exercise regime:
Yoga and Pilates—I don’t lift weights. I like working with the resistance of my own body weight.

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Beauty essentials:
Serums, under eye cream, mani-pedi—a woman should always maintain herself on a weekly basis. Body moisturizer, moisturizing masks—anything hydrating, especially when you travel. Antioxidants are good for the skin, too.

Skincare secret:
Plenty of water, and stay away from sugar!

Manicure or pedicure:
Both, on a weekly basis. Especially in the job that I’m in. I always show up to a job over prepared rather than under prepared.

Pilates or yoga:
Both are essential to me.

Best advice from mom:
Have integrity with everything you do and have no regrets. When you commit, do it with 110%.

Best advice from the pros:
Do not to do anything half way. Also don’t try to imitate anyone—just be the best you can be. Remember whom you’re working for and always do things with integrity.

Necessary splurge:
All sorts of things—shoes, bags… But I really care about wellness items that make you feel good and are researched and healthy.

Drugstore favorite:
I love the drugstore Zitomer. In terms of products, I like make-up remover, eye applicators, and all the mini products you make things you can travel. I love mini products!

Fragrance of choice:
Naomi Campbell and Molecule.

Beauty icons:
Jo Baker and Dorothy Dandridge.

Anything else:
We travel and eat so many different things that is important to just drink juice two days a week, once a month or so, to cleanse yourself, rebalance, and clean the blood.

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