[#image: /photos/585386de57dfc3b0230f7fb9]||||||Hipster heartthrob and music producer Mark Ronson, who won two Grammys for Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" album and is the stuff of many a girl's daydreams, is off the market.

Late on Tuesday night, when most respectable folks were safely tucked into bed, the 32-year-old Ronson was having a drink and a dance at the Beatrice Inn with his new squeeze, 19-year-old London native Daisy Lowe. A sometime model and daughter of Kate Moss pal Pearl Lowe, Daisy has posed for Chanel, Agent Provocateur and Vivienne Westwood and comes with her own musical background: In 2004, she discovered that her godfather, Gavin Rossdale, was actually her father.

Word is that Daisy has already started working on her own album with the help of her beau, although this is yet to be confirmed.

Lowe and Ronson in London on June 3. Photo by Jon Furniss/