Jen Gilpin

Jen Gilpin. Photo by Maxime Ballesteros.

“I can’t stop making things—I’ve been sewing and crafting since I was really young,” says Jen Gilpin, the designer behind Berlin-based label DSTM. Originally from Montreal, Gilpin moved to Berlin in 2002. “There are countless shadowy hallways and areas to creep down and explore—Berlin is like a ‘choose your own adventure’ novel,” she says of her adopted home. The dark and mysterious metropolis would soon serve as the launching pad for her label, which mirrors the spirit of the city. The lingerie-centric brand makes use of leather, silk and experimental craftsmanship—and is free from the delicate frills typically associated with lingerie. “I don’t like to use frou-frou materials in my work; lace is not something I would put in my collections,” Gilpin says. Her Spring 2016 line was inspired by five Berlin-based women. “It was the first time I worked without an assistant,” she says. “I sewed and designed everything.” For the campaign, Gilpin’s husband, Maxime Ballesteros, shot her muses in their own homes, dressed in DSTM and performing acrobatic feats like hanging from their closets. Says Gilpin: “It was very intimate, being able to create this experience with them.”