Your Best Skin Ever: Celebrity Skin Expert Nichola Joss Talks Body Peels, Daily Massages, and Celery Juice

Nichola Joss shares how to get your best skin ever.

Photograph by Richard Burbridge; Makeup by James Kaliardos; Hair by Ward.

As fashion month comes to an end, its fair to say we’re not just marveling at the season’s newest trends, but also admiring the luminous complexions parading down the catwalks (and sitting in the front row). Fresh skin is on the rise as back-to-back shows feature a precession of models with unblemished, vibrant skin that’s just not beholden to the work of a great makeup artist or genius concealer. Luckily, celebrity facialist Nichola Joss’s forte is just that: intelligent skincare. From runway to red carpet, Joss has established herself as one of the most sought after skin experts across the globe. Revered for her bespoke facials (which include facial massage techniques from the inside of the mouth), her skin principles combine a clean, healthy lifestyle that involves plenty of sleep to awaken skin to its most vibrant state. For total body skincare, the London based facialist is an advocate of daily massage and body peels. Here, she shares her experienced guidance on total body skincare.

Is there a skin treatment for the body that women should do every September or October, post-summer?

I would do a really good all over peel on the body, concentrating on dry patches around knee ankles and elbows and getting the skin all over as smooth as possible. Then, use your anti-cellulite or skin smoothing products making sure you moisturize as soon as you have finishes bathing. Adding an element of daily massage. This not only helps to keep the skin smooth and soft but will tone and refine the skin, as well as improve body contours and keep muscles healthy.

As we know, a large chunk of good skin is indebted to good genes, diet and lifestyle but what about discipline for body skin care? Any do’s and don’ts for body skin you live by or advise your clients to live by?

Body skincare should be done daily as part of your skincare ritual. Massaging the body is an important element to your well-being and will not only make you feel better but will improve blood circulation, muscle and skin health, product absorption, and efficacy. Applying a daily body skincare ritual incorporating a massage will also stimulate the vagus nerve which is responsible for optimizing the function of your main organs (which includes the skin). Optimize gut health by incorporating a pro-biotic and a daily shot of fresh celery juice, which is great for reducing inflammation in the body and skin.

What is a great regimen one can follow that will ensure the best skin now and ten years from now?

Going and having bespoke body treatments after a full body analysis consultation. In our clinics we offer two bespoke body treatments. The first is a full body lymphatic draining massage which uses very light pressure and long, gentle rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymphs to rid the body of toxins, and reduce puffiness and water retention. It also improvesthe appearance of cellulite, boosts your metabolism, and improves your digestion. It is hghly recommended for women during pregnancy.

The other treatment we offer is the Bespoke Sculpting Full Body Massage. This treatment incorporates our full body sculpting massage technique, as well as deep tissue and pressure point elements. It will tone and firm muscle tissue as well as improving the skins texture and vitality., and immediately improving the appearance of cellulite and circulation. The products use leave nourished, glowing skin and a more sculpted silhouette. Having body treatments in salon as often as you can will improve your total well-being as well as adding radiance vitality and improved health to your skin, muscles, and body contour. With regards to products it is really about the consistency in application. Make sure you use products that are free of plastics, parabens, and hormones. I prefer using organic body oils.

What is an ideal nighttime ritual for skincare?

I think its important to have a bathing nighttime ritual which includes salt baths and nourishing oils for the skin, and finishing with an element of slow, soft body massage which a rich body oil. This will also help encourage better sleep.

Are there any major skin myths or misconceptions out there that we should be aware of?

A common skin misconception is not to use oils on oily and acne-prone skin. Using the correct type of facial oil is beneficial for your skin, as will help to rebalance the PH levels of your skin. Oils do not make your skin oilier.