70th Anniversary Red Carpet Arrivals - The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell Were Almost as Excited to Meet Each Other at Cannes as We Were to See the Pictures

Whatever the opposite of a famine of beauty is, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Campbell provided it when they crossed paths on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival today. While it's very possible the statuesque pair have crossed paths at some point before (they are, after all, both A-List regulars on the international culture circuit), the internet turns up no previous pictures of the two together. Though, when they did meet today they seemed either like old friends reuniting for the first time in years or equally starstruck and excited to meet each other.

Or maybe they just knew how amazing the resulting pictures would be.

Though the meeting took place in France, both were in Italy's finest fashions. Kidman was wearing Armani Privé couture, while Campbell was wearing Atelier Versace. When it comes to both Kidman and Campbell, however, it's never a surprise when either is in an amazing dress. They've appeared on a combined 15 covers of American Vogue between them after all. The real headline here is this red carpet affection.

Look how excited Kidman is to meet Campbell.

Chris Jackson

And how excited Campbell is to meet Kidman.

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This is just pure red carpet ecstasy here. Unbridled joy! We've seen children less excited to meet Santa Claus then these two seem to be to meet each other. Whatever the case, Kidman certainly has better chemistry with Campbell then she did with Giada de Laurentiis on Ellen.


But it makes sense that Kidman and Campbell have an affinity for one another.

They've been both been at the top of their respective games for decades and are constantly working. Of course, when their career heights up even a little bit the press declares it some sort of comeback or renaissance even though neither have never really ever gone away.

Chris Jackson

They're also both Geminis at the height of Gemini season, and this is certainly a case of stars being aligned.

And they both certainly know how to pose for a picture and create a major red carpet moment.


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