Nicole Troccoli, 21, from Sayville, New York

Nicole Troccoli, a 21-year-old student from Sayville, New York, is one of the finalists in the Wmag Model Search. Get to know more about @Nicolette_Annette here:

Which supermodel do you most admire?
Karlie Kloss kills the supermodel game, because of her intelligence and desire to empower girls. I think she's an amazing and much-needed role model (in every sense of the word) for girls and women everywhere who see her on billboards and magazine covers. Her support for GirlsWhoCode is part of why I admire Karlie so much. She believes girls can be and do so much more than what society tells them; we can be top scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and business women.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve received?
Be confident. After a long struggle in high school over my body image, I've come to realize with the help of my friends and family that no beauty regime or product in the world can do what confidence does. Confidence equals beauty.

What is your favorite social media platform?
I love to follow all my favorite models and magazines on Instagram. It's just the perfect platform to peak into people’s lives and see what they're up to—and what they’re wearing, of course.

What's the secret to posting a perfect selfie?
Sunlight! I find that all my selfies come out wonderfully if I'm outside and the sun is perfectly positioned in the sky behind me. The natural light really brings out a glow on your face that you just can't get in indoor lighting.

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