Farewell to The WW Club at Nike+ 45 Grand

Reflecting on the series with Phoebe Lovatt and Julie Igarashi.

The final WW Club panel at 45 Grand

Wednesday night may have marked the end of The WW Club residency at Nike+ 45 Grand, Nike+ and Nike Women’s exclusive service and fitness studio, but it created the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past four weeks. Phoebe Lovatt, who started the Club in January as a way to bring creative women together, has been collaborating with Nike Women on weekly workouts and panels at the stunning Rafael de Cardenas and Jen Brill-designed space. “There’s been a visual theme going,” explains Lovatt, whose previous events have been held at equally Instagram-friendly pastel-painted locales like an Adi Goodrich-designed pop-up in downtown L.A. and Brooklyn’s Sincerely, Tommy. “Pink was a big factor—which is why this is a dream space for me—but more just that I think women, particularly women who have creative aspirations, enjoy being in beautiful environments.” The relationship between appearance and performance was a recurring theme over the past four weeks, among panelists like Glossier’s Annie Kreighbaum, the New Museum’s Karen Wong, and Nike Women’s Creative Design Director Julie Igarashi. “We talk a lot in design about the connection between how you feel and how you perform,” says Igarashi. “We have athletes at so many different levels come in and talk to us about what helps them perform at their peak. They all say it a little bit differently, but the gist of it is when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you perform to your best.”

Nike+ 45 Grand. Courtesy of Nike.

Future events from the WW Club are in the works, while Nike+ 45 Grand will continue to offer exclusive training and previews—including the unveiling of the brand’s Spring 2016 offerings next week (“By far, I think it’s our most innovative collection,” teases Igarashi)—but this likely won’t be Lovatt’s final time in the space. “When I first walked in here, I was like, is this real? This is like a dream workout space—the trainers are amazing, great snacks. They won’t be able to get rid of me!”