Model Nina Agdal has already shared with W that she brings rose water wherever she goes in her “In Bed With” interview, but now she's diving deeper and spilling more of her beauty secrets. Between dirty martinis and a good face mask, Agdal shares what makes her feel sexiest, here.

Your look in three words:
Natural, fresh, simple.

Travel kit snapshot:
Lip balm, warm socks and eye masks.   A good hair day starts with:
I barely use any hair products, but I start with damp hair from showering the night before, and possibly some Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I mostly have my hair up though.

Makeup miracles:
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer, rosewater spray, a Beauty Blender and Lash Star Beauty Illuminator.   Nails must be:
Essie in Bordeaux.   Sheet mask or mud mask:
Dr. Jart’s Firming and Brightening Sheet Masks.   Bronze or blush:
I don’t really like blush, but I like bronzer from Nars.   Beauty from the inside out:
Water, coconut water and fresh green juices.


Exercise obsession:
Y7 Yoga, boxing, SoulCycle and SLT.   Product that you borrow from the boys:
T-shirts or sweaters.   Product that you picked up from the pros:
The Lash Star Beauty Illuminator that I got from Tracy Murphy.

If you’re staying in for the night, you are:
Listening to music, playing dice and eating Chinese food.   Evening drink of choice:
A dirty martini.

In tub must have:
I don’t really take baths, but would imagine a lit candle and some tunes.

Fragrance you would like to go to bed with:
Just the smell of being clean.

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